Thomas is a tank engine. He is a Brighton e2 lbsc tank engine with extended side tanks and is blue with red stripes, and has the number 1 painted on his tanks. He has six small wheels. Thomas always tries to be a really useful engine. His best friend is Percy. His two coaches are Annie and Clarabel. He runs the ffharqhar branch line on the north western railway on Sodor. he was built in 1915 at the a factory in Brighton in England. He was then listed to go to Ireland but due to the problems in England because of World War 1 he was sent to Sodor. Due to the big cost of swapping him with the other engine in Ireland he was bought for a cheap price and in may 1915 he was painted blue with red stripes and became the NWR's number 1 and stayed there happily. appearances in Thomas tales. season 1 episode 1:tidmouth trouble:side character,season 1 episode 2:worst race ever:backround character(one line).

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