Henry is a tender engine. He is green with red stripes, and has the number 3 painted on his tender. Henry used special coal in order to operate. He was built in 1919 off of stolen plans from sir Nigel Gresley by a rival who despised Gresley and tried to make a copy of the A0 engine that he was working on but the man he hired to seal them failed as he grabbed the first blueprint made but it had a flaw in the firebox but it hadn't been thrown away yet so it was used so when he was built he was a fail. desperate to find someone desperate to Get an engine. and the Fat controller was, so he bought it cheap along with two other engines named 98462 and 87546 and ended up being the NWR's number 3. In late 1928 he stayed in the tunnel and was bricked up until January 1929 when Gordon burst his safety-valve pulling the express. Henry was released and came back in service and was re-painted blue until 1935 when he got painted green again but after being sprayed by an elephant he went on strike with Gordon and James until they were left in the shed after Percy arrived and helped set things straight. in November he experienced problems steaming up and pulling trains. The fat controller helped him out by purchasing welsh coal and Henry was able to work properly. in late November, Henry pulled the flying kipper from Tidmouth harbor Kildane but he crashed due to frozen points leading to a goods train in a siding. After his accident, he got a rebuild at Crovan's Gate works and came back to service in December of 1935 just in time to celebrate Christmas. In 1936 he was promoted to take turns pulling the express with Gordon, who was jealous of him until his whistle broke a few days later. the queen of England came to Sodor in 1953. Henry originally thought he would pull the important train until he had to be re-painted after a can of paint fell on him. So Gordon pulled it instead while coming out of disgrace from when he fell down a ditch in late 1952. But Henry would still be able to see the queen before she left. APPERANCES IN THOMAS TALES: season 1 episode 1 Tidmouth trouble (cameo)

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