Gordon is a tender engine. He is blue with red stripes, and has the number 4 painted on his tender. Gordon's favorite job is pulling the express. He is the fastest engine on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. Gordon was built at Doncaster in 1922 as and experimental engine and a prototype engine too. He was the nicknamed, A0 who sadly had problems with his pipes in the boiler system. soon after the problems were found, they were cured and the A1 engines were released to the public including Gordon who was bought by the NWR in 1923 with a spare boiler and firebox. Gordon was thinking he was above engines like Thomas, Edward and James until they all showed him wrong as well as Henry. He pulled the wildnorwestern for many years as well as the midnight express. In 1939 he received a rebuild at crewe and became a Gresley/Stainer hybrid. After many years of pulling the express, in 1952 he no longer pulled the express after falling in a ditch and became a disgrace to the NWR until he saved Thomas in November of 1952 and in 1953 was the only engine available to pull a train for the queen of England, Elizabeth the second. And in June of 1953 he came back to pulling the express. APPERANCES IN THOMAS TALES. season 1 episode 1 Tidmouth trouble(side character).

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