Edward is a in-furness k2 mixed-traffic tender engine. He is blue with red stripes, and has the number 2 painted on his tender. Edward is an old and wise engine, and often works as a back engine. When other engines have heavy loads, Edward helps them by pushing from behind. Edward has a branch line from Wellsworth To Brendam with boco,bill,ben,salty and porter. Edward was built by Sharp Stuart in 1896 at Atlas works in Glasgow,Scotland. He worked there until 1915 when he was sold to the Fat controller. He was re-painted blue and was the NWR's number 2 and helped build the railway until it opened in late may. In 1923 he was put out of service because he was thought to old and weak until he helped gordon up the hill 5 days later and was back in service to help pull the local on his new branch line. and mentored Thomas and James by teaching them about trucks and coaches and became a respected member of the railway. APPERANCES IN THOMAS TALES: season 1 episode 1 tidmouth trouble:side character.

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